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Welcome to The Bridal Make-Up Teams blog. Here you will find images and posts about weddings we have been apart of, feedback from our beautiful brides and the occasional story on the latest makeup products and tips. We welcome your comments and look forward to working with you in the near future.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Party Make-up for the festive season

If you can’t add a bit of glitz and glamour at this time of the year – when can you?

Your party face needs a good base, which means skin that is exfoliated once a week and very well moisturised.  The next important tip is to use a primer on top of your moisturiser as this helps seal all that lovely moisture into the skin.

Many brands now offer long-wear make-up and as the name suggests it has been especially formulated to last - and so treat yourself to a long wear foundation at the very least.  Apply your foundation with a brush and don’t be afraid of adding several light layers if you feel your skin needs it.  Putting on a powder also helps the foundation to stay put.

Having applied the perfect base coat now comes the fun part – adding the drama on the eyes and lips.  The smoky eye is still on trend – but feel free to move away from black.  We like burgundy, grey and wine shades, but experiment with colours that work for you.

One really big look this party season is glitter – the trick is to use sparingly.  Go for eyes or lips - not both.  We absolutely love a glitter lip and there are lots of brands offering glitter lip products – just make sure it is kiss proof.

Glitter can also be used on the eye area – either on the lid, in the corner of the eye, under the brow or even a little sprinkle underneath the eye.

We always advise having a run through of your party face before the big night so that you get the look just right. 

Have fun and stay safe.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

It's all about moisture for a winter proofed skin

Winter means cold air and freezing temperatures outdoors - while indoors we have cranked up the central heating to keep us nice and warm.  However, the combination of extremes can play havoc with your skin and leave it parched because of a lack of moisture.  Add in the indulgences of the season, too much food and drink, and it’s no wonder winter skin can be crying out for a bit of extra TLC.

Moisturising all year is really important for all skin types and all ages – we don’t recommend any in particular but you could change your moisturiser in the winter to a cream rather than a lotion.  And although you may not be able to feel the sun, UV rays are still around and so don’t forget to have a moisturiser and a foundation with an SPF.

While exfoliating the skin is a good idea, it can dehydrate skin and so we recommend using gentle exfoliators no more than once a week – try coconut oil and sugar or fine oatmeal and honey.

Our lips are also prone to dryness in the winter – and when that happens we have a tendency to lick them which just makes them drier in the long run.  Always have lip balm with you in winter and apply it regularly – we like ones with honey or shea butter.

Before applying any foundation remember to moisturise thoroughly – or mix some moisturiser with your foundation on the back of your hand and then apply.  If there is a dry skin patch – add extra moisturiser and if possible, take a small tube of moisturiser out with you so that you can keep on top of problem areas.

Your hair can also dry out in the winter which can make it looking limp and dull.  Always use a conditioner after you have shampooed but try using a specialist overnight conditioner once every couple of weeks too.  A regular trim will also keep your hair in good condition.

Finally, remember to look after your hands too.  Do wear gloves when out and about in the cold and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Beautiful Brides - a styled shoot at Bolton School

Beautiful Brides - a Styled Shoot at Bolton School

Laura Mayers and the bridal makeup team have always enjoyed being at the forefront of the bridal beauty industry for many years. This innovative team has worked with many amazing same sex couples on their civil ceremonies. This is an exciting and ever-growing market and as such Laura and a collection of talented wedding professionals recently collaborated their expertise to produce an incredibly beautiful set of images.

As there are two brides to consider for a same-sex marriage, hair and make-up designs that compliment both individual personalities can have many combinations.
  • Some will want to be very natural and not like too much ‘fuss’ whilst others will want the whole glamourous hair and make-up look.
  • Sometimes brides will want to complement each other whilst other couples may want to enhance their differences.
  • Couples may prefer to choose their ‘wedding looks’ together or decide to surprise each other.
Laura already has lots of experience advising and guiding same sex brides through this tricky part of their wedding preparations and she loves the opportunity to meet and get to know both halves of the happy couple.

For these images, Laura has created a rustic yet elegant hairstyle for the lovely Jade, with a soft pink blush and natural rose lips to compliment the neutral pink tones in the fabulous natural floral hair piece created by Paragon Flowers and for our other gorgeous bride Rebecca, a heavier, smokier eye based on rich golds and browns with lashings of mascara (and a few false lashes) which was more complimentary to her darker hair and skin tones. Laura used a very soft, neutral lip gloss for a slight retro feel in keeping with the classic and sophisticated modern take on the Audrey Hepburn beehive.
The stunning collection of gowns were provided by Glamour Bridal of Bolton. Owner Debbie Buck takes up the story: For the photoshoot we brought along gowns from our brand new 2016 collections showcasing some of our world class designers including Sincerity, MGNY and Enzoani Blue. And as you can see, gowns with colour feature heavily in next year's bridal trends including gold, pewter and blush.

2016 also sees the introduction of satin back into the collections of many of the bridal designers, giving a truly classical feel and a departure from the all lace trend of the last 5 years. We visit all our designers personally to select what we feel is our very best collection to date offering exceptional beauty and value for money. We are proud to be Bolton's premier bridal boutique and with 25 years combined experience in the customer services and 9 years in bridal retail, we have the expertise and knowledge to offer all our brides the very best experience there is when choosing a wedding gown.

Paragon Floral provided the incredible flowers. Kate and Lisa told us: This shoot allowed us to be inventive; as both women were wearing beautiful dresses we were able to explore in designing two bouquets which were complimentary but different. This symbolises both the unity of two people being joined together and the differences in personality. It always important to us to design our flowers around an individual’s personality and for us being part of a photoshoot is always a great opportunity to show off our more elaborate ideas and push the boundaries with the materials we use. It’s part of the ethos of our company to be all inclusive regardless of religion or sexual orientation so we jumped at the chance to do this shoot. Within these bouquets we explored a range of ideas. With the Amaranths bouquets we used internal structures and collars. The wire pink bouquets were an adaption of an earlier idea and we wanted to explore different ways to hold bouquets. This also came through on our ‘Muff and Cuff’ designs in the outside shots and the floral clutch bag. The Bouquets which were shot on the stairs were an exploration into a different way to design a trailing bouquet.

We aim to show people the difference and uniqueness you can get from your wedding flowers which can make all the difference to your big day.
The location of the photo shoot was Bolton School – by day, a private school – an impressive and stunning wedding venue delivering an exclusive setting and a real sense of grandeur.
The photographer for the photo shoot was Mick Cookson whose modern and natural photographic style has brought together an inspiring collection of images.

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